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Principal Investigator: Prof. Analabha Basu

Co-Investigators: Dr. Nidhan K Biswas, Prof. Arindam Maitra

Contributors: Dr. Suman K Paine, Dr. Chandrika Bhattacharya, Poulomi Ghosh, Mahabub Alam, Sourav Gangopadhyay, Azad Ali, Debashree Tagore, Parveena Choudhury, Sukanya Dhar, Saurav Roy, Shouvanik Sengupta, Nasrin Parvin, Rahul Modak, Sayan Bhowmick, Devashish Tripathi, Vinay More, Haya Afreen

Role of the Institution in the GenomeIndia Project: NIBMG is in the forefront of the design and executionthe project and implemented the responsibility of collection of samples 1710, storage, sequencing of the samples, and analysis of the data.

Accomplishments and Outcomes

NIBMG is the leader in defining the uniform protocols for data generation, variant calling, quality control parameters and downstream population-scale analysis. In Phase 1, the joint call of the variants has been carried out independently by NIBMG and CBR on Whole Genome Sequence data of 5750 individuals.
Salient outcomes on preliminary analysis are:

  • Unprecedented diversity detected unrevealing a lot of new understanding of population history.
  • More than 4.7million common variants identified, which are candidates for Association study de- sign (Construction of genotyping chip)
  • Discovery of 27 million rare variants, will completely transform the definition of rare disease burden in India.
  • There is moderate correspondence between genetic and geographical distances. The two dimensional summary of genetic variation in Indian populations when correlated with latitude and longitude produces modest correlation [0.49 between Latitude and Principal component 2 and 0.73 between Longitude and Principal component 1.