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Principal Investigator: Prof. Bratati Kahali

Contributors: Prof. Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath (Founder Director, CBR), Prof. Y Narahari (National Joint Co-ordinator), Prof. KVS Hari, Dr. Prathima Arvind (Project Manager), Dr. Shweta Ramdas, Dr. Khader Valli Rupanagudi, Dr. Shafeeq KSH, Jothibasu V, Krithika Subramanian, Siddhi Jani, Shreya Chakraborty, Akkshaya Rajesh, Raghvendra Agrawal, Tanmay Panigrahi, Sauma Suvra Majumder, Debasrija Mondal, Eric Macwan, Sagar S, Sohan Angelo A, Mohammad Hanif KM, Vinayak H, Dr. Shobha Anilkumar, Mohan C, Rajesh G, Diwakar A, Anand Kumar, Karthik S, Raveendra V.

Role of the Institution in the GenomeIndia Project: CBR is the coordinating centre for the GenomeIndia project. CBR spearheads efforts in strategic planning and execution of the entire project. The institute has been involved in sample collection, whole genome sequencing, data processing and analysis, as well as joint genotyping for all samples. It maintains a biobank of collected DNA samples.

Accomplishments and Outcomes

  1. Sample collection:

    CBR has recruited more than 2846 individuals from sixteen different communities for the project. They have undergone detailed sociodemographic questionnaire assessment, anthropometric measurements, and blood biochemical investigations.

  2. Whole Genome Sequencing and Joint Genotyping:

    CBR has formulated best practices for sequencing and analysis protocols for the consortium for variant calling at individual genome levels, defined the thresholds for various quality check parameters, followed by optimizing the protocol for joint genotyping of >5000 individuals that has been followed for joint genotyping of 10000 individuals' data. The downstream variant checking and analysis protocols were defined by CBR. CBR has also been actively uploading data to IBDC for use by other consortium members. The joint genotyping for 9,871 individuals' genomes spanning more than 90 population subgroups were executed by CBR, and in parallel by NIBMG.

  3. Phenotype processing and coordination:

    CBR has collated, processed, and standardized phenotype data for all samples for more than 100 blood biochemistry and anthropometric variables from all sample collection centres. These data have been cleaned and statistically analysed at CBR to detect and correct anomalies.

  4. Biobanking:

    CBR has received 19745 samples from all sample collection centres for biobanking. The biobanking activities at CBR were coordinated by a team led by Dr. Shobha Anil Kumar.